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For long-distance towing, you most likely need your vehicle towed more than 100 miles. The safest way to tow your car is on a flatbed truck. At 44 Service Inc, we have various flatbed trucks for different vehicles, from sedans to heavy trucks. When you are using towing methods such as two-wheel tow trucks or a dolly, your car will likely face a lot of wear and tear. At 44 Services Inc, we have state-of-the-art flatbed trucks that are secure and will get your vehicle to its destination no matter how long the distance might be. More about Orlando, FL can be seen here.

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Have you ever thought of what you would do if your vehicle ended up broken and stranded on the side of the road? You probably hope someone might pass by and give you the assistance you need. What if no one passes by? Hopefully, let’s hope nothing like this ever happens. However, if it does, reaching out to a professional towing company is the best way out of your predicament. Our team of professionals is up to any task, handling projects with skill and expertise. Click here to read about Flatbed Towing Services Orlando Florida

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